Ntando Duma on her MTV Base gig, being a mother & launching lingerie line

After her recent debut on the #BaseGqomNation Ntando still has something else up her sleeve.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Ntando Duma  | Top of The


Ntando Duma’s career in the industry has started off on the right foot as the MTV Base Gqom nation show - which she hosts - trended on its first debut and the mother of one is ready to take on 2018.

Speaking to ZAlebs Ntando revealed that she was excited about her show as it allowed her to fully bring out her personality.

“I love MTV and the brand, it’s a very cool brand and when they called me to come and present the show I couldn’t think twice because it’s such an incredible brand, it resonates with my personality…you will know exactly what Gqom is, who originated it, as we’ll be speaking to young Gqom producers, young Gqom DJ’s, young Gqom dancers as well to help tell us what Gqom is…”

The media personality went on to add that she is excited to be playing a part of the Gqom movement and helping other people understand the sound.

“...people don’t understand the sound, it’s very raw and very rare, now that it’s very fresh, it’s time for people to be a part of it, fully and now that people understand the authenticity of the sound, we can safely say that Gqom is the future, it truly is…”

Ntando is ready to take on 2018 with something that has not been expected from her brand. She is set to launch a lingerie line - named after her daughters second name, Lisa - on her daughters birthday on the 28th of June this year.

“I’ve got a lingerie line that I’m launching, I’m planning on releasing it on my daughters birthday cause it’s named after her, It’s called ‘Love Lisa’, thats her second name, Lisa Khanya...I was really inspired by a whole lot of things like the importance of understanding that as a woman you need to wear the same matching bra and an underwear because it’s very important for you and your partner, I’m really excited about that, I might even launch a clothing line…”

Ntando went on to share that she is enjoying motherhood and learning so much from just being a mom.

“This is like the best thing that has ever happened to me last year, it’s such a beautiful feeling to be a mom, but I, also do not feel like a mom I think I’m such a cool mom, in a way that I can’t feel it...I feel like my baby is my newest best friend, she is such a smart kid, we watch TV together and I get to learn new things through being a mom, I feel more responsible cause I’m a mom now...there are certain things that I can’t do anymore because I’m a mom. I’m maturing now, I’m very grown now and I love it…it’s been such an incredible journey.”

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@DumaNtando