Ntsiki Mazwai Dumped By Unpopular Opinion Podcast

she is not letting this go without a fight

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ReadThings have intensified between Ntsiki Mazwai and Unpopular Opinion Podcast following their working relationship coming to an end. Mazwai has since taken to social media to blast the podcast and sent her lawyers their way.

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The unapologetic and controversial Ntsiki Mazwai is once again making headlines as she has unleashed her legal team towards her former co-workers from the Unpopular Opinion Podcast. The podcast has since issued a statement to clear the air surrounding their working relationship coming to an end.

"Statement on End of Partnership with Ntsiki Mazwai" wrote Unpopular Opinion Podcast
In the statement, Unpopular Opinion together with Electribe Productions explains how they have parted ways with Ntsiki because of the professional difficulties experiences which has led to the decision of letting Ntsiki go.

"This statement serve to inform our beloved viewers and followers that Unpopular opinion has taken a new creative direction as we have changed the format and structure of the podcast. We as Electribe Production and Miss Nontskikelelo "Ntsiki" Mazwai have parted ways due to a strained professional relationship and partnership" wrote Unpopular Opinion

Mazwai has gave the podcast strict and stringent instructions to have all her episodes and imagery deleted, as she has already reached out to her legal team with what is currently happen. Mazwai continues to claim she made Unpopular Opinion the brand that it is today, had it not been her influence, they would have perished.

"Pls delete all my episodes, imaging and name my lawyers have sent you letters. The public knows how Unpopular Opinion started. I borrowed you my brand to Kickstart your company that had no profile. This was your first gig. You're welcome" wrote Ntsiki Mazwai
Unpopular Opinion has since apologized to its audience, fans and followers for delaying on clearing the air, following Mazwai's accusations against the podcast. The statement also highlight that the brand Unpopular Opinion was formed and conceptualized by Electribe Productions contrary to what Mazwai's claims.

"We apologize for the delay in sharing the news. We will continue to work at gain your trust and respect as we continue to capture and elevate meaningful conversations. Unpopular Opinion was conceived and conceptualized by Electribe Production to be a platform for insightful, educational and in-depth with different voices from all spheres of life. The basis tenet has not changed and the last two episodes ate testament of that fact" wrote Unpopular Opinion

The statement continued to add that,

"We are aware of the accusations made by Ntsiki and we will address them under advisement"

Mazwai has taken to Twitter to request an invite to the Podcast and Chill with MacG as she claims to have hot teat she wants to spill. She also insert that she has been in touch with gossip blogger Musa Khawula.

"MacG must invite me..... I have something to get off my chest you know Musa Khawula phoned me today also" wrote Ntsiki Mazwai
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