Ntsiki Mazwai Blocks Nota

From allies to frenemies

By  | Oct 08, 2022, 01:34 PM  | Ntsiki Mazwai  | Drama

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Ntsiki Mazwai and Nhlamulo β€œNota” Baloyi are probably two of the most active Twitter accounts in South Africa. For some time, tweeps have compared the two personalities by suggesting that they are two sides of the same coin. Others have pushed the narrative that the two must date.

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Initially, Mazwai and Nota seemed to be friends as they both defended each other and their polarising tweets. But something happened between the two to cause a breakdown in their friendship. So much so that Ntsiki has blocked Nota, with Nota seemingly suggesting that Mazwai is the problem, which comes as no surprise considering the lack of accountability he has taken about many of his dubious decisions. 

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Ntsiki and Nota a thing?

On social media, Ntsiki Mazwai and Nota have been grouped together. So much so that tweeps have suggested that the two must either date, and if not that, at least have a show together. 
While the two do not have a show together. Ntsiki did feature Nota in one of the earlier episodes of her podcast Unpopular Opinion. But seeing as their friendship has dwindled into something that has left a sour taste in Mazwai mouth, it seems that she has deleted the episode and everything relating to Nota across her social media platforms.  
As a result of her actions of removing any relation she has with Nota, Mazwai has now joined other podcasters like MacG and Sol Phenduka, who would turn their backs on Nota as they believed that he was a fame-chasing personality with mental issues he needed to deal with. 
Ntsiki blocks Notai
Sometime after Mazwai featured Nota on her podcast, her feelings towards him seemed to have changed. This is as Mazwai has not only distanced herself and her brand from its association with him. But she has also blocked Nota on social media. 
Nota in a video has since suggested that Mazwai blocked him because she could not handle the truth. Comparing himself to Mazwai, Nota indicated that he is able to receive constructive criticism from social media while Mazwai would rather block naysayers on her timeline. 
Mazwai on the other hand, when asked what happened to change the nature of her relationship with Nota, would not go into detail. But she did make it clear that she does not want to give him β€œairtime.” Moreover, she reiterated her stance that she believes that Nota has mental issues that he has not dealt with. 
Currently, there is still a cold war between the two notorious Twitter accounts. A fact which goes to prove that even those that bond through the fact that they are inciting conversations by being controversial. Somewhere, somehow, even those instigators of these debates which more often than not lean on the negative will have their own tiffs which showcase that maybe they are the problem and should do some inside work to resolve them before holding up the mirror for others to question themselves. 
Whether this advice will be taken by Mazwai and Nota, still remains to be seen. But all we can do is hope and pray. 

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