"Stop Protecting Abusers"

Ntsiki did not mince her words!

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You know every time an alleged incident of gender based violence or rape trends, activist Ntsiki Mazwai will chime in and give out her opinion. The poet and singer recently weighed in on the AKA and Nadia Nakai drama, and did not hold anything back.

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Ntsiki Mazwai has dedicated her time and lent her voice in matters that affect gender based violence. She prides herself in being a person whose activism is unbiased and unfiltered.

So best believe when she speaks about gender based violence and rape, she will not be scared to say what is on her mind.

Just recently, Daily Sun made a report about an alleged fight between Nadia Nakai and AKA, saying things got physical. A source allegedly said AKA assaulted Nadia and another person in Ghana and then broke down and cried. 

“He allegedly assaulted her at the venue in full view of people. When he arrived at the hotel, he went into a room where she was chilling with other people and allegedly attacked the promoter who had booked them. He allegedly punched him several times and then went back to Nadia. He had to be restrained and once calm, he broke down and cried," said the source.

Of course all of these are allegations and not backed by any concrete evidence because even Nadia herself denied it through a joint statement shared by AKA, and retweeted by her.

“It never happened. I was not assaulted in any way. We just got into an argument and that is all,” she said. In a joint statement to the paper, the couple said there's no drama between them.

“What we took to be light interactions with industry peers have been twisted by outsiders. There was no physical or verbal altercation. We are fine and there’s no drama between us.”

Ntsiki Maziwa however does not buy any of this and urged the general public to not protect abusers. In one of her tweets she said, “A leopard never changes its spots.”

She also says that what might have ensued was not a 'fight' but rather GBV because men and women are not equal, physically.

“Where there is physical assault by a man on a woman; it’s not a fight. It’s GBV. But we have been here with AKA before and you applauded him. It wasn’t a fight. Women are not equal to men physically. An abuse of physical power is GBV”

Generally, her message is loud and clear; “Stop protecting abusers.”

Here are some of Ntsiki's tweets:
This morning, Ntsiki said she will not feel bad for protecting women, no matter how many lawsuits get sent her way. 

"Morning.... I just wanna clarify that I will never feel bad about the role I play in protecting women against alleged rapists and abusers....I will continue to ring the alarm...No matter what they do to me.

"I will stand for what is right. Then her docket gets stolen...By a private investigator who changes the facts on her docket..... Who sent the private investigator?? There will also be a documentary and a book...A tell all. Kere lies at EVERY turn." 

Refuting these claims through a joint statement, the couple cleared the air on the rumours.

"Just to clear the air there was no physical abuse nor verbal altercation between us. we are fine and there's no drama between us, we are basking our individual successes from the amazing trip," their joint statement read.

" If anything...I am more defiant and much cleverer...I've dealt with enough lies to learn how the justice system doesn't work. And trust me.... There is a Defamation of Character lawsuit coming."

But of course, social media people will always have their own opinions on such matters. 

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