Nyaniso Dzedze On His Insecurities

The actor is opening up about his struggles.

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Actor Nyaniso Dzedze is one of the most relatable celebrities. He has opened up to the public about a number of personal battles which include his addiction to masturbating and his issues with self-esteem and continuously thinking he isn't good enough.

The actor recently recently took to Instagram to further elaborate on these in a post he captioned “Conversations with Nyaniso”.

"I ask myself why should I get paid to do what I do? Why should people do these offerings I have? Well they don't! No one needs to do anything. You know what you feel called to do. You know what will serve you. You know what your spirit needs. Don't build your energy up convincing yourself that you are fighting me, challenging me and my worth. I fight myself enough already. I challenge myself, put my own face in the dirt and raise myself from the ashes daily. Every day, every post and every offer, “he shared. 

Nyaniso continued to share how he knows who he is and how his initiation ceremony helped shaped his view of himself, manhood and masculinity.

“FIRST OFF... This is not a competition. This is not a race. "You've got something to say Nyaniso. You've got truth, power, freedom and transformation to share Nyaniso. Remember your journey. You were initiated on the mountains of rural South Africa. You know cold nights and scorching hot days, with one blanket a stick and fresh off circumcision no anesthesia Nyaniso. If there's anyone that knows initiation into manhood and the masculine, YOU DO Nyaniso."
Toxic masculinity has been a huge topic of debate in the past year and Nyaniso has been reshaping what masculinity looks like through his series of posts. In a previous post the star reflected on the unhealthy sexual behaviours that men have, where they use sex as a means to cope. 

"Everything is sold with sex and men are the biggest consumers. We are not just enjoying the pleasure of sex. We are using sex to cope," he shared.

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