#OPW: Silver tooth matches wedding bling

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Can I begin by requesting that OPW include some sort of age verification for the show. Because, really, I am not convinced with the bride's age claims.

Meet Msizi and Zanele. The couple met when Msizi was going to see his then girlfriend, and Zanele was going to buy sweets and bubblegum - the girlfriend happened to be a close friend of Zanele’s. Can I just warn my friends against such tendencies. Loyalty, please!

That aside, we’re back to brick-wielding brides who take their men from their friends: http://mzansimagic.dstv.com/2015/04/19/our-perfect-wedding-ep-3-young-love/

We were really excited about Msizi and Zanele’s wedding. They had been planning it since 2010 and worked hard to raise the money required. So no running around for loans and such. But after five years of planning and budgeting, the execution left very little to be excited about. One thing the bride certainly did was make sure her bridesmaids did not outshine her – or her tooth – on her big day. I have no words to describe these outfits, both traditional and first attire left me flabbergasted. The outfits, as expected, did not flatter the bridesmaids, but these ladies did themselves no favours with mop hairstyles they wore.

The highlight of the wedding (or is that silver-light of the wedding?) was when the bride was excited by her wedding ensemble matching her tooth. Her silver tooth matched the bling on her dress, as well as the silver wedding rings, silver groomsmen's attire and her silver décor!

We give this wedding a whopper of a six out of 10 for effort. Aside from the uncle who seemed to be braaing snake meat while the groom “starved” waiting for the décor lady to finish her work, the effort was noticeable.

Here’s where they lost their points;

1. Taffeta is no longer a thing, stop making clothes in taffeta. Especially silver or purple or white – actually let’s just burn all things taffeta!

2. The bridesmaids' accessories were all disastrous – the hair, shoes, jewellery, sneakers.

3. The inappropriate cake cutting speech by the mother-in-law was tantamount to blasphemy, and then the couple proceeding to cut the cake with a cake lifter – NO!

4. Lastly, the insane requirement for all things blingy to match the bride's tooth!

The groom, though, seemed very pleased with his wedding – which could be because he, “Didn’t know his wife could be so beautiful.” After seeing her for the first time with make-up and lash extensions, maybe?

This was their perfectly silver wedding!

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