Things we didn’t know about Oros Mampofu

Getting to know Oros

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Oros Mampofu

Skeem Saam's Mkhokheli Oros Mampofu has been striding in the industry on various platforms and as he grows and pursues a career in music, we take a look at some things we might have missed about the actor.

  • His parents named him Oros after the fictional Oros man on the Oros squash juice. 

“Oros is on my ID, the story behind it is, I was very very fat when I was a baby, and I was orange...and I had those roles, there were quite intense so, they called me Oros and it stuck and I used it as my first name because my friends kind of  played around with it and they enjoyed it most…” he said in a recent interview on Trending SA

  • Oros has a twin brother 

  • The actor has always been two years behind after he failed grade two.

“We started school late, for 1, then in grade two, I failed, so I was always kind of two years behind....”

  • Oros is a pastor's kid 

“My father is a pastor, but beyond that, he’s also a businessman…”

  • Oros' musical career was inspired by his background of growing up singing in a choir.
  • Oros was once stabbed while visiting Long Street in Cape Town with his girlfriend at the time.

“It was a good night, I was walking towards my car, five guys pull out with knives, and I was with someone at the time...they try to kill me and highjack her…”

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