Our favourite reactions to #Komkokotlong song

The song might've been released months ago but this is still our jam for the year 2017.

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Just like Gobisiqolo and Wololo, we think that Komkokotlong is that song that has the ability to bring the nation together.

South African music is one element in our country that has the power to bring us together as a nation, regardless of our differences. Whether we're experiencing political disputes or differences in sports, the best way to solve our problems as a country is to just switch on that radio and battle it out on the dance floor.

Remember how J.R's Show DemΒ (Make the Circle bigger) had everyone in the country opening up circles and really making that circle bigger?

Fast forward to 2017 and there's a new wave of music that's bringing the nation together.

One of those songs is De Mogul SA's smash hit Oe Batla Kae featuring Ms Mo & Makhensa known as the Komkokotlong song to many people.

Here are just some of our favourtie dance re-actions to the song:

Who could forget these smooth dance moves from Bidvest coach Gavin Hunt.

Ok, this guy was clearly possessed by the song.

#oebatlakae #Komkokotlong

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Whether you heard the song this month or last month or the month before it still has that effect on you everytime the beat drops.

Our new national anthem? We think so.


Tell us, does the Komkokotlong song make you lose your morals like....


Next week is pay day, best believe some of us will be entering our offices like this whilst the song plays in the background.

Where was the first time you heard the KomkokotlongΒ song and did it give goosebumps as soon as the beat dropped?

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