Our Perfect Wedding: Melusi makes it rain

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The pressure is on! We’ve only seen the first episode of Our Perfect Wedding’s 4th season and already the stakes have been raised.





Melusi Mbhele has officially become public enemy number one for all men planning on getting married this year after he presented his wife with a brand new BMW 6 series. 

Our reaction when we saw the car?


Who on earth buys their fiancée a BMW 6 series before she even officially says “I Do”?

Well, Melusi did and now the pressure is on after countless women in South Africa also made it clear that they too would love to be spoiled with a brand new car as a wedding gift. 

Honestly some of these tweets just revealed the fact that many of us are in it for the money and not for love.

As always Our Perfect Wedding viewers really can be a bit confused with what they want. Last year many vocalised their dissatisfaction with Phumeza's presenting skills and now that Tumi Morake has taken the role you guys want Phumeza back? Can we at least give Tumi a chance, it's only her first season on the show and already some of us are throwing our toys about. 


Apart from the caterer arguing with the groom this was undoubtedly a well-organized not forgetting drama free wedding. Though Melusi has set the standard for the next upcoming episodes, gentlemen, if your wallet does not allow please refrain from getting a loan. Buying your new lady a car is quite impressive but getting into debt is a recipe for an early divorce. Don't mind the Twitter O.P.W comparisons half of us are still riding in taxi's anyway.

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