Palesa M Survives Horrific Accident

She's lucky to be alive!

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Palesa Madisakwane is thanking her lucky stars after walking away from a horrific accident alive. What's worse is that her 9-year-old daughter was in the car when the accident took place!

The actress and mother of Somizi's daughter, Bahumi, took to social media to tell the story of how a drunken driver crashed into her car, Palesa and her daughter were on their way back home from a wedding when the head on colission occurred.

Speaking to DRUM Magazine, Palesa explained:

"After getting the right of way making a right turn on the robots, I noticed a speeding car swaying into my lane coming towards me. At this point I can’t really see because the lights of the car were blinding me."

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Things became a blur after the impact, but it didn't take her long to realise what had happened:

"After my daughter screamed for me, that’s when it hit me. I tried to open the doors of the car and they would not open including the windows, I tried to break the windows down but I failed."

Palesa expressed her gratitude that other drivers were willing to stop and assist her at her time of need:

"What I’m grateful for the most are the people that stopped their cars and came out to help us, drivers normally just slow down when they see an accident and eventually drive past. But these people that saved our lives were truly our guardian angels at that time. If it wasn’t for them my children would have lost a mother and a sister."

Palesa shared a gruesome image of the wreckage on social media and we had to contain our shock after seeing the written-off vehicle:

Instagram embed

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/Palesamad

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