Fave moments from Papa Penny Penny Ahee

This was by far the best episode of this season.

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We're excited to hear Papa Penny's hip-hop debut

From meeting Shomadjozi to having dinner with the Mseleku's. Papa Penny Penny reminds us why we love this reality show so much

If you missed Wednesday night's episode of Papa Penny Penny, you missed out on quite a lot unfortunately, as the king of Tsonga music once again brightened up our evening with his rather hilarious comments and sense of humour.

Our favourite moment of the night was when he paid the Mseleku family a visit in Durban. 

Musa and Papa Penny Penny hit it off immediately, you could've sworn that the two men had known each other for years on end.

Penny Penny was quite intrigued by the Mseleku family and how Musa is able to provide for such a huge family.

It got even more hilarious when Penny Penny began sharing how he also came from a polygamous family. 

Papa Penny Penny explained to Musa Mseleku that his father had 27 wives and he was the 68th child. He even joked that his father was short of having three wives for every month.

Musa Mseleku's reaction was priceless.

Penny Penny was so interested in Musa's life that he even named his wives days of the week.

Basically, MaCele is Monday, Mayeni is Tuesday, MaKhumalo is Wednesday whilst MaNgwabe is Thursday...and it may seem like some ladies on social media are looking at becoming the Friday, Sunday and Saturday wife.

Then there was that moment when Penny Penny told mama Nomi he was going to KZN to meet the Mseleku's and Mama warned him not to get any ideas of getting another wife whilst there.

Her facial expression says it all. 

Although Penny Penny insisted that he was not going to get another wife, Mama Nomi was not buying it.


Social media enjoyed Penny Penny's visit at the Mseleku's so much that some of them would like for him to visit Bab' July as well.

You guys are trying to trap Papa Penny Penny, what if he visits July and does not enjoy the visit, next thing everyone will be asking Penny Penny yena aya kwini?  We see you.

If you missed this weeks episode, make sure you don't miss next week's episode as a story about a white woman and a sjambok will be the subject of the day.

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