#PapaPennyPennyAhee: Mama Nomi deserves Wife Of The Year award

We love Papa Penny Penny but the real MVP here is Mama Nomi.

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Penny Penny

You have to be one confident and strong woman to be married to a man like Papa Penny Penny and Mama Nomi is that woman.

As we've come to learn, Papa Penny Penny is a man who does not mince his words, a man who loves the finer things in life but most importantly adores his family.

Ever since the first season of Papa Penny Penny Ahee aired we've seen Mama Nomi stand beside her man through thick and thin. Even when he makes the most ludicrous of decisions and the weirdest of comments.

Like when he decided to put up a statue of himself in their yard and said he wouldn't put a statue of her up yet because she's not yet worthy of getting one.

Papa penny Penny

Or when he said he doesn't give his wife flowers because he's the original flower? 

But Papa Penny Penny can be a real sweetheart when it comes to his wife, last week he explained that one of the reasons he has a chef who cooks for them is because Mama Nomi already does a lot of work around the house and needs a break from cooking.

Aww, cute, but then he flipped the script and also mentioned something along the lines of if he let Mama Nomi cook all the time she might end up adding more "spiritual love" in his food. For us black folk he basically meant Mama Nomi has the potential of giving him iKorobela.

What woman would stand for such comments? Mama Nomi of course.


Also, you have to be a very strong-willed woman to marry a man with a hairstyle and dress sense like Papa Penny Penny. Honestly, we think Mama Nomi is the only woman that can handle Papa Penny Penny, that's probably one of the reasons he married her. She just gets him, even when he wakes up one morning and decides to rock a blonde hair-do.


Or how about that time she prepared a sandwhich lunch for him...


Then he complained about the polony.


Haai no Mama Nomi you're the real MVP.

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