#TBT - Pushie Watson: From Jam Alley to the pulpit

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"Pushie, Pushie, baby!" Do you remember that?

Yep, those were Pushie Watson's famous words on Jam Alley. We really loved her on the youth music show and we thought she was fun, hip, and cool. Maybe we wanted to be like her at some point? True story. 

Anyway, you probably know that Pushie is now a pastor. Who would have thought, right? 

In an interview with insidewomanmag.comPushie was asked when she discovered that she was called to ministry as a pastor. She said: "In the second year of Bible College, I suddenly became aware of my gifting to minister. It took me by surprise and since then God just began to open doors for me to minister to women all over, from the women in prison to the women in palaces. I believe God has called me to speak life, hope, and encouragement to women all over." 


Sometimes being a preacher means healing while you're still bleeding. I started off at the doctors getting meds and shots for tonsillitis but still had to drive 3hrs to Mafikeng to preach two services and 3hrs back. I'm tired but I know that the hose pipe that waters also gets wet. So when God begins to bless me the way I know He will, I will not apologize for it. Only God knows the seeds women have sown into their children, into their families, into their churches, into their communities. So on this Woman's Day I honor all the strong women that raised us, prayed for us and paved the way for us. We are because you were. To all my moms in Liberia, South Africa, and America I love you too much. And to my sisters, may God do even more in and through us. We can, and we will. Be blessed💖

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Pushie in action

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