#FriendshipGoals! Pearl And Boity Celebrate Their Friendship

There might be a song brewing too...

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Boity Thulo gave fans a much-needed throwback when she posted pictures of her and Pearl Thusi in first class. This prompted Pearl to deliver a short freestyle, sparking Boity's interest in collaborating in a song with Pearl.

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Both ladies have come a very long way in their respective careers. From hustling together to now making it in the A-list celebrity lists of Mzansi, they deserve all their flowers.

Boity first shared a throwback picture of her and Pearl while in first class. Pearl then shared a short freestyle about how they would hustle while catching taxis in Johannesburg.

"We used to catch taxis in the ranks of Joburg! Now we A terminal, OR TAMBO!
God switched it up, so we rank in first class o! Then catch the next one in Dubai o! But if you hit naija gotta grab Doha o!

"We were throwing gang signs. Trying to get to town bro! Now we gram peace signs , and the Dom on tap h*e!" rapped Pearl.

She then added that she needed the throwback.

Boity loved the idea of them doing a song together, "Yaaaaaassss!!!! let’s do a song together!"

People have been giving Pearl Thusi her flowers of late, including DJ Zinhle. Just because she raised her daughter Thando in the most special way after she showed Kairo Forbes love during her father, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes' memorial service.

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"My baby Thando Mokoena. Thank you Pearl Thusi She really took care of Kairo," Zinhle wrote on Instagram.

Pearl paid tribute to AKA in a heartfelt IG post, "Wow Kiernan… I’ve been trying to figure out which pic I’d use on my gram after the anniversary of Riky’s passing. To think this is the pic I’m using next… I could have never imagined this.

"I’m still trying to string sentences together to express how I feel. Is it better if I come home first? Is it better I just pretend this didn’t happen? I don’t know.
Until then, it’s time to push. If you were in front of me, I would have said I’m just doing it for Kairo’s bag. Why was our love language dragging each other.
I remember when I didn’t understand the difference between albums, EPs , single releases etc. lol. I said to you I’ve bought all your albums, to which you said “there’s only one , but thanks baby girl!”.

She then  promoted his next body of work, Mass Country. 

"Anyway- over a decade later- and I’ve bought all your albums for real this time.  (Yes guys- I know it’s a preorder) MASS COUNTRY OUT SOON EVERYBODY."

Zinhle also paid tribute to AKA and asked for his blessing to raise Kairo with Murdah.

"Please watch over her and plead with The Almighty to guide Bongani @murdahbongz and me as we raise our daughter." She added, "The last time I saw you, you told me how proud you are of us and how well we were co-parenting, we had come a long way, and even though it challenged a lot of people in how well we co-parented. It was never about society or us, it was always about our daughter and what was best for her.

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