Musa Calls Boity A Liar

He claims she lied about her girlfriend allowance

By  | Feb 20, 2023, 06:36 PM  | Boitumelo "Boity" Thulo  | Relationships

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Boitumelo Thulo and her beau Anton Jeftha have been rumoured to have broken up. But, controversial blogger Musa Khawula has alleged that Boity could be expecting, and even took aim at her girlfriend allowance which she stated was R450K.

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In his latest episode on his YouTube channel, Musa Khawula alleged that Boity Thulo is preggies. This speculation comes as Boity's weight gain once again takes centre stage.

He added that Anton and his buddies all believe that she might be expecting, “if she’s not it’s whatever, we don’t give a f*ck anyway.”

Musa also took aim at Boity's apparent R450K girlfriend allowance which she told Mihlali, it's what she expects to receive from a man. The blogger said Boity is lying and added that Anton could never afford it.

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The couple is rumoured to have called it quits. A source apparently told Zimoja Lezinto “Boity does not come cheap, from her eating to the jewelry she wears, it can be intimidating to an artist who is just working,” added the source. “The relationship was apparently under a lot of pressure from many people."

"There is definitely no bad blood between the couple, they get along even Boity’s mom loves him,” says the source.

What also sparked this is because Boity and Anton never acknowledged each other on Valentine's Day.

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Boity is one celeb who gets body shamed. She once spoke about the body shaming on Touch HD

“Body shaming is not just, being to big or being to skinny, there’s also people who want to shame you for being comfortable in your own skin, that also played a role, as much as people do celebrate...but there’s also a side where you’re made to feel bad somehow by people who just don’t like the fact that you’re ok in your body, that you’re ok with being naked or half naked," she said at the time.

“For me personally, no one should tell you what you should look like at all, so yes you will have body shammers but, you need to understand that it’s just projection, because I don’t think you’ll have the ability to shame someone unless it exists inside of you.

"So with regards to body shaming, it should never be taken personally because it’s just projection, it’s just the same with beauty shaming or any form of shaming, it’s just projection because you can’t say something about someone without you feeling it inside of you so, whatever anyone says to you, it’s all just projection, whether someone loves you completely, it’s a projection of what they have inside of themselves and with body shaming," shared Boity.
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