Pearl Thusi Wouldn't Be Shocked If ANC Wins

Does she know something we don't?

By  | Nov 02, 2021, 04:52 PM  | Pearl Thusi  | Top of the

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In the aftermath of the Municipal Elections, Pearl Thusi has gone on her Twitter to say that an ANC win would not surprise her. Following the election, tweeps were eager to see Pearl's reaction, as she has in the past been a very vocal supporter of the party.

Fans have taken this post to mean she has some inside information on how elections are run and why she feels like the ANC will win, even though the results are still streaming in. Some assigned sinister undertones to her tweet.

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However, anyone who has been following the actress and paying attention should not be surprised at this tweet, as she had predicted an ANC win even before the elections. She called the party arrogant, sharing a post to support her opinion. Responding to a fan, she had said that it was most likely that the party would win, but specified that it was no reason to blindly vote for them. She encouraged citizens to vote otherwise, even if just to cut down the party's confidence and arrogance.

The Black Rose Gin brand ambassador has had a long and complicated relationship with the ruling party. In the past, she was one of the party's most vocal supporters. She performed and campaigned for them fervently too. Recently, though, the celebrity had a change of heart and turned to one of their most vocal critics.

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The sharp 180 degree turn had many questioning her motives. Some fans even suggested that her support of ANC had only been because they were paying her to do it, and they have suggested that she was possibly not loyal as she had made them think.

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While it was a bold accusation to level against Thusi, it is not hard to see where the tweep is coming from. The Samkelo star did come out strongly to tell her fans that she regretted publicly associating herself with the party. Apparently, at the time she had performed for the ANC, she really needed the money. She also mentioned that she had regrettably performed for the DA as well. It is not hard to see why the social media user thinks that her political affiliations do not run any deeper than chasing money.

Pearl is not one to hold back when she has complaints, not even if they are political. She just recently put DA on blast for acquiring her phone number without her permission and texting her.

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She has recently called out the party for failing to match up to the expectations its supporters had for it. Most controversially, she stated that anyone who would vote for the ANC in this election would be displaying the highest form of self hate, and many fans could not agree more.

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Despite people's objections, she emphasised that she does not hate the ANC, she just hates the fact that they failed in their mandate. She considered it a form of tough love that she is now vocal against the party, and sees it as an invitation to do better.

Considering how clear she has been, perhaps it is a little unfair that some fans choose to see her change of heart as hypocrisy. Some fans have mounted a passionate defense for the Quantico star, pointing out that people are allowed to change their minds.

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Even so, we are sure fans will still be waiting for an official statement from the actress regarding what they clearly perceive as a personal matter for her. What we know for sure, is that wherever she may be, Pearl Thusi's patriotism cannot be questioned.

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