Pearl Thusi Parties With Bonang's BFF

Are they still BFFS?

By  | Oct 26, 2021, 08:02 AM  | Pearl Thusi  | Relationships

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Over the past few days we have seen a different side of Pearl Thusi. One that defends her 'nemesis' in full view of the public when things are not looking up for them. Now, Pearl partied up a storm with Bonang's BFF, Babalwa Mneno at Konka this past weekend.

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Mama Panther shared clips of her and the socialite Babalwa Mneno dancing and having fun at the club. Disregarding this practice in society where a friend should not be 'friends' with someone you do not get along with.

Now, Pearl and Bonang have not really been enemies but who would want to break bread with someone who once made fun of their abuse story.

To take you back, Bonang had allegedly been abused by her former lover Euphonik, but he denied it. Her bruised and scarred face made rounds all over social media and instead of women showing her support, they laughed behind her back.

He mocked Bonang and called her Hlanyo. One of those women who laughed at Bonang was Pearl Thusi. A video where she and Linda Moeketsi cheerleading for Euphonik and calling themselves Hlanyo, angered many social media users who wanted to cancel Pearl.

Not only that, but Pearl Thusi became BFF's with a woman Bonang does not get a long with - DJ Zinhle.

But, a few days ago, Pearl defended Bonang after the whole House Of BNG saga. It started when Bonang informed her followers that she had terminated her contract with Celebrity Services Africa (CSA) Global. She also did an interview with The Sunday Times and made another revelation that they went behind her back to negotiate a deal with Vino Ventures. That deal saw Bonang allegedly ousted as BNG shareholder.

When people came out in numbers to rejoice and mock Bonang, Pearl defended her and said, "Celebrating a turbulent time in someone else’s life is proof of witchcraft. You are capable of murder. Don’t ever be happy when someone is suffering. It only exposes lack of empathy, self esteem and maturity.
Only a witch celebrates such outcomes."

Even her BFF Babalwa Mneno, defended Bonang when Ntsiki Mazwai called her a mere marketing gimmick for BNG. "Believing Bonang owned the wine (House Of BNG) was like believing she owned Revlon....She is just the marketing gimmick to sell these products. Not the owner," Ntsiki said.

Mneno came for her guns blazing and said Bonang is not the only person to not fully own a brand, so she asked why does she always attack her. She added that being a marketing gimmick might make you more money than actually being the owner and starting from scratch.

"I'd rather cash in 2.5 million in being a gimmick than cash nothing because I can't own it," she wrote. She then advised her to go seek help from traditional healers, "This bondage of trying to fetch Bonang is disturbing, borderline obsession." She then called Ntsiki a useless loser.

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