Pearl Thusi's Looks Attacked

Tweeps are questioning her beauty had she been non-light skinned

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While living her best life in Brazil, Media Personality Pearl Thusi is at loggerheads with trolls attacking her skin colour. In a tweet that has since been deleted, a tweep told Thusi that she was ugly.

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The excited Pearl Thusi shared jaw dropping bikini pictures while on holiday in Brazil. Little did she know that scores of tweeps would jump on the bandwagon to attack her looks. From a tweet that has since been deleted, another tweep proceeded to claim that had Thusi been non-light skinned, her beauty would remain questionable.

"Didn’t even bother editing these! Thank you Brazil! Nothing can kill my vibe right now. Tell anyone who’s try a bring me down. I’m not about to act a clown. No make up , no edits. Just me." wrote Pearl Thusi
Firstly, the tweet complimented Thusi's skin and beautiful natural hair before setting her on fire. The compliments felt rather backhanded as the tweet continued to take a dig at the actress and media personality by calling her ugly.

"Wena you have nice skin and hair but umubi kancane" wrote I Bring Nothing To The Table
Over the years, Pearl Thusi has been very vocal with how much bullying she has endured because of her skin colour. Thusi have gravely addressed the constant and continued torment and trolling of her of the way she looks. In numerous occasion, Thusi has admitted to having been told she was not pretty but only light skinned and that she was the industry's favorite based off of her skin tone and naturally, curly hair. .

Taking to Twitter to defend herself, Thusi relays the amount of suffering she has succumbed to just because of the way she looks. Taking the high road, she has since wished the haters and trolls would heal from the continued hate they have towards her.

"Imagine having to deal with this your entire life. Ppl used to say this to me as a child & it was always people who were darker than me who’d say this. I never understood why someone would say I’d be ugly if I looked like them. Self hate is the ugly thing here. I hope sis heals." wrote Pearl Thusi
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