Why Pearl Thusi is supporting DJ Zinhle

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Pearl Thusi has not hidden the fact that she's fully behind DJ Zinhle in the whole AKA/Bonang Matheba cheating saga. 

In 2015, Zinhle took to her blog to reveal that AKA had confessed to cheating on her with Bonang. This allegedly happened when the mother of one was still pregnant. 

The revelation quickly became a hot topic and everyone had an opinion. Pearl Thusi, who isn't afraid to speak her mind, was one of those people who shared her views on the matter.

She made it clear that she was on Zinhle's side, with just one spicy tweet

She went on to add: "If this happened to me I'd be sad if no one stood with me." 

Pearl, who has revealed the real reason why she and Bonang don't get along, has explained why she has taken DJ Zinhle's side.

In an interview with SlikourOnLife, the radio and TV personality said: "That could have been me who had a little baby and lost my man. It could have been me and no holds barred. So I'm not gonna say 'yeah, because you are so and so I'm not gonna say what I need to say'." 

She said she has an idea of what certain parties in that whole situation went through. "I've been on that side of the coin and I know what it feels like..."

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She made it clear that she is not one to tell someone she supports them and then when it's time to support them she does it privately.   

"... And then in the public I'm trying to make sure my money is cute, and I'm trying to make sure that everybody thinks I'm sweet and I don't get involved in things that aren't my business," Pearl told Slikour.  

She explained that she wasn't really trying to get involved in the situation. "I was just saying, everybody was just saying their piece. Why couldn't I do that? So my whole thing was, if you're going to support somebody, support them even in a way that could somehow, hopefully, not be detrimental to you because that's when you're putting your neck in the line for somebody, not when you're doing it privately. So that's where I stand."

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