Penny Lebyane Defends Minister Nathi Mthethwa With Her Whole Chest

Sis isn't mincing her words as she said what she said

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Mzansi is outrage following the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture of South Africa Nathi Mthethwa's announcement of the R22 Million for the monument flag project. Mzansi's celebrities and public in general have taken to social media to lambast the Minister. However, media personality Penny Lebyane has shown nothing but support for the Minister.

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While the whole of Mzanzi is up in arms over what has been called  an 'outrageous' announcement made by the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa. There may be certain people who are in full support of what the outrageous R22 Million budget on the monument flag project. Media personality Penny Lebyane begs to differ with the whole of Mzansi who shares the same sentiments in this regards.

Taking to social media, Penny lebyane has defended Minister Nathi Mthethwa with her whole chest, while she continued to make comparisons of other monuments buildings and statues in other countries that could not have been a waste of money since they are loved and appreciated by many, including some of the outraged Mzansi celebrities.
Entertainment blogger Phil Mphela has called out Penny Lebyane for not being truthful within her statement. While Penny Lebyane thought she was being the voice of reason, she has been met with a storm of tweeps who are now angered by her more that the actual Minister's announcement. Phil Mphela has put it straight to Penny Lebyane that the comparison she is making of the great Eiffel Tower to a flag is downright wrong and insensitive to the people of South Africa.

"Penny, but this is wrong on many levels. To compare Eiffel Tower & statue of liberty to this is way off base. The Statue of Liberty and many monuments were funded by donations and fund raising. Also, the times dictate the need for such expenditure & now is not right" wrote Phil Mphela
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It is pouring rain over Penny lebyane as Mzansi's stars continues to lambast her over her tweet that has been deemed as lacking humanity and reasonable thinking. Popular club DJ and reality TV producer Olwee aka Ms Party has lambasted Penny Lebyane for making almost an apple to oranges comparison while Penny Lebyane has fully shown support of the R22 Million budget for a monument flag project.

"Penny, this is ridiculous expenditure. The Eiffel Tower was built to celebrate 100 years since the French revolution. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France for the US’s liberty. These were to celebrate progress and the betterment of peoples lives. What are we celebrating?" wrote Ms Party

Penny Lebyane has been called all the names in the boos for her tweet that has been regarded as not thoughtful and thought out. It is a battlefield right now under her comments while tweeps are bringing her facts as to why and how some of the monuments buildings were erected in the first time.

She seems not to mincing any of her words, as she state that a thorough research was properly done before defending the Minister who has set out a budget of R22 Million Rand to erect a flag. To which the minister has defended, however nobody is hearing or agreeing with his clarification. 

"U’ll will say l’m paid to ask this, let me free u I am not. Even
@Silapha_ l understand the magnitude of the SA arts. Personally l don’t hate the minister l just work,make the best of every situation or opportunity for myself & l will wear a SA dress/Flag any where in the world" wrote Penny Lebyane
It appears Penny Lebyane is saying him and Minister Nathi Mthethwa are right and the whole of the outraged Mzansi is being 'emotional'. That is big, even for Sis Penny Lebyane

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