Phil Mphela Backing Down From A Fight

This is probably the first time for us all

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Not our TV host and entertainment commentator Phil Mphela backing down from a fight. We have known Phil Mphela to be all about his truth and standing his ground but this was probably the first time seeing Phil Mphela backing down from a fight.

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Phil Mphela who is very vocal on social media and who is popularly known for speaking his mind surprised us all recently. Following the night of the Bridgerton Affair hosted by former Miss South Africa and Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi together with Netflix. Where Zozi Tunzi invited some of her 400 guests of industry friends, TV and radio personalities and all Mzansi A-listers. 
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As well as expected, Phil Mphela has posted a number of guests that were in attendance at the Bridgerton Affair Soiree. However, one person was certainly not happy being posted on Phil Mphela timeline. That person was none other than Lee Khuzwayo. Accordning to Phil Mphela, Lee Khuzwayo was unhappy from the comments she was getting from the posts that was posted by Phil Mphela about her outfit. Taking to social media, Phela has mentioned having to take down Lee Khuzwayo's posts to avoid drama.
We all know Phil Mphela to not take orders from anyone but himself. So, it was really surprising to see him backing down from what he referred to as drama. Tweeps starting speculating that perhaps Lee Khuzwayo had given Phil Mphela grief hence he has decided to take down the post.

Soon after Phil Mphela had taken down Lee Khuzwayo's post down. He immediately went on twitter and basically kind of took a job at Lee Khuzwayo while making it seems like he was generalizing the whole situation. In a post he mentions why people shouldn't walk down the red carpet if they don't want to be judged for their looks.
Tweeps picked up that Phil Mphela was taking a jab at Lee Khuzwayo for asking him to take down her pictures of Twitter. As they went straight under the comments to question Phil for being messy. Even after he said he didn't want drama but he went on to start one already with his subliminal post.
It was a fresh of breath of to see Phil Mphela doing exactly what has been asked of him. We have seen him at war with some of the biggest names in the industry. Who can forget his back and fourth with Bonang Matheba and even then Phil Mphela never backed down. He must really love and respect Lee Khuzwayo for doing what she asked of him by taking down his post about Lee's outfit.

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