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Phumeza is heartbroken

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With tears rolling down her face and a huge lump in her throat, Phumeza Mdabe had to shatter her son's illusions, informing him that he will never be able to see again. After receiving exciting news that he would be getting prosthetic eyes fitted soon, Mpilo jumped for joy, because of the possibility of gaining eyesight again.

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TV personality Phumeza Mdabe shared a heartbreaking story on Twitter about how she had to break it down to her son that he would never be able to see again. 7-year-old Mpilo had his eyes removed after being diagnosed with cancer. Yearly, Mpilo has to get new prosthetic eyes and on the 29th of April, he will be getting new eyes fitted.

"Mpilo is getting new prosthetic eyes fitted soon, he screamed and said, 'I’m gonna see like everyone else.' I had to explain that he will never have vision again while a lump sat in my throat and trying my best for him not to hear me crying. This journey isn’t easy at all," she tweeted.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Phumeza said his friends continuously remind him of his disability and being a young kid, he cannot understand why he cannot see. "He still doesn’t understand why he can’t see," she said.

"What makes things worse is that his friends keep reminding him that he’ll never see again and such statements hurt him. I know they don’t mean to hurt him, but children will always be brutally honest. Whenever he comes back with such statements, we constantly assure him he’s special," she added.

One can imagine how mentally, emotionally and even financially draining such an experience can be for parents. For the media personality, she and her family had to adapt to the situation. She is extremely proud of how Mpilo also has come to adapt to his situation as well

“It’s been a difficult journey for all of us, but we’ve learned to adapt. What’s more important is that he has adapted to his condition. In fact, we’ve come to realise his senses are extraordinarily sharp. For example, he can sense things that we can’t sense and can see where we cannot ordinarily see,” she said to the publication.

On Twitter many of her followers applauded her for being her son's rock in a situation, where many women would abandon their kids. She simply said she would never do such a vile thing to Mpilo, "I wouldn’t be able to do that. Bring someone to the world then leave them because situation doesn’t suit me. Thank you sis, Uzokhula (he will grow up) and I pray he deals with it knowing it doesn’t make a difference to us, instead, we love him even more."

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