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Working as 5FM DJ, Model, Club DJ and Audi A3 Ambassador, Poppy Ntshongwana is one of the most recognizable ladies in South Africa. The sassy diva can be seen banging out some of the best tunes in the house at clubs around the country; or looking stylish and girly on Instagram. We took the time to chat with her this week to find out a little more about Oh Ship and to help us conclude what has been an excellent month of Women's day related content on ZAlebs.

Hi Poppy and welcome to ZAlebs. We saw you at the Bebe event on Wednesday night, how did you find it? 

I had a great time. The clothes looked amazing, but I didn't find anything to my taste on the night. It was very nice to meet you there though! 

It was great to meet you too. Well we hooked up the interview because of Oh Ship! For those that don't know, please tell us a little bit about what Oh Ship is all about.

Its really all about having a good time. Picture all of SA's hottest talent on a boat, the likes of Fresh and Euphonik, ultimate party stars; you want to party with us and if you can get a hold of tickets to Oh Ship! Do it, because you won't regret it. 

Playing on a cruise ship sounds mental! Is it the same as playing in a club? 

Every experience is different in all honesty, you never know what people you're going to get. I always look at it as a challenge. At the end of the day, however it turns out its still something that i love to do. I get to meet awesome people, have crazy fun, drink tasty cocktails, I could go on! 

You're a radio dj, club dj, model, socialite, And now a Cruise Ship DJ [haha] how do you find the time to manage everything? 

Well, most of my club DJing  happens on the weekend so that's taken care of. My radio gigs during the week are usually late in the day so I fit everything else into the early stages of my plan. It works out in the end. 

One thing I love about you; whenever I see you at events or on twitter you are always looking hot. Is style something that requires a lot of effort? 

I wouldn't say effort; its something thats inherently important, i always wanna look good! And so I do what I can to make sure that I do; I mean its what I love, it's who I and and it's who I want to become. I think it becomes an effort if you're not doing it for any particular reason.

Do you get hit on a lot; what's the worst pick up attempt you've experienced?

It happens; I suppose it comes with the territory, but I find it quite flattering. The worst pickup line? I think a lot of people try to mimic my laugh, and while I find that funny I don't think you'll ever score if that's your opening line!

We've also seen that you've done a lot of work with Audi as the A3 ambassador, what does that entail? 

Well that's a big deal in itself! I mean, being an ambassador for Audi is massive! It's the most stylish car brand, and it's one that I'm proud to be associated with. They saw something in me and I'm glad for that. We're working on a lot of exciting stuff together and on top of everything else, I've got such a hot car because of it! 

Would you say that you're a 140-on-the-highway-gal or are you more of a conservative driver

It depends on the situation. If I need to be somewhere, 120-140 all the way. But if not, then I tend to cruise. 

If you could design your dream car, how would it look?

I would want a GHD hair straightener in my dream car. Without a doubt. I'd also want a make up removal kit on hand, and I'd want it to be able to play all of my favorite songs in heavy rotation.

Were you big car person before the Audi deal came about?

I wouldn't describe myself as a heavy petrol head, but I can appreciate a hot looking car. Was I big into them? I wouldn't say so, but when I got the A3 I knew it was a great car. What I found happened was that my friends would come into the car and go all nerd on me saying "Oh my gosh your car can do this! It can do that!" And as a result I've become a lot more aware of what my car can do.

Women's month is coming to a close, has it been successful for you? 

I think I love the fact that we have a whole month dedicated to loving and appreciating women, i love that part of it. But I also feel that more can always be done. It also shouldn't just be in a month. Every month should be a consistent effort to treat our women better. 

What is missing in the way we deal with our women?

On a societal level we have a lot of problems. Not only in terms of women, but in terms of children too. I'd definitely say we have a crisis. I don't think we're doing enough to protect women and we need the other half of society to be meeting us half way. I know that not all men are wife beaters or rapists, there are some genuine guys. But we need to be doing more to deal with the people who are genuine problems in our society. 

Since you're a club DJ i want to know, what would your girl power song be for women's month?

Beyonce's  Girls (Who Run the World)  Definitely that song. Not only because of the message it sends, but because she's such a powerful icon for a lot of women and, in fact, a lot of men! She stands for so much good and positivity, she's an icon in her own right, its a song about being powerful in yourself .

What message would you like to send to women around the country? 

I think we must decide as a country where we want to be, we should never stop striving to get there. I want us to never stop dreaming, working and appreciating what we have because we have so much to be grateful for.

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