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Maybe his biggest yet...

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From beefs to side chicks and everything in between we know the hip hop scene isn't for the faint-hearted, so it's no surprise that Priddy Ugly has been involved in some scandals at the time.

And so to celebrate that superstar artist Priddy Ugly turns 29 today we take a look at how he rose to fame, has managed to stay at the top and his top scandals from the last few years.

But first, a little-known fact about Priddy Ugly is that he was an accomplished sportsman during his teen years, but as we know that's not where his passion lay. Instead, at the age of 15, he competed in the St. Peter’s National Dance Tournament. and he won the award for Best Male Dancer. And the rest is history.

Priddy Ugly & Bontle clap back

Tweeps have never gone easy towards Priddy Ugly, as they continuously call him an up and coming rapper, undermining his decade-long contribution to the Hip Hop industry.

But over the last year, his wife Bontle had enough of all the negativity and wasn't about to have her husband disrespected. In an attempt to hype up her husband's talent, it did not go so well and the couple got trolled.

Bontle called out this behavior saying she is yet to understand why this happens,

"A lot of you go out of your way to act weird/strange when it comes to Priddy and I’m yet to understand why."

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Priddy Ugly called a liar

Wouldn't it be such an honor if you got a shout-out from an international artist on social media? That's what happened to Priddy Ugly, but instead, no one believed him and many called him out for lying. Ouch!

Priddy Ugly went online and shared that he had got a shoutout from Drake. Yes, the Canadian rapper- Drake. However, the problem with Priddy Ugly’s post was that he had no receipts for the proclamation and things went sideways real quick

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Priddy Ugly Caught Cheating?

Now, many didn't see this coming, but it's out in the open now. Bontle sat down with Mac G on his Podcast and Chill where she talked about her marriage, relationships, cheating, and her father's suicide.

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On the show, she touched on the viral video where she and her husband said cheating was not a deal-breaker for them. She went on to clarify that if Priddy were to cheat on her, they would try to fix their relationship first instead of dismissing each other.

Shocker, right!

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Priddy Ugly finally says I Do

Celebrity couple Bontle Modiselle and her rapper man, Priddy Ugly celebrated a year of wedded bliss. Before getting married the couple had been together for a decade.   

Priddy Ugly then went on to share how "honored" he is to be the man Bontle chose to travel life's journey. 
"MaAfrika Moloi, I am honored to be the man that you chose to travel along this life’s journey with. Witnessing your growth, from when we were teens, to students in tertiary, to being independents, to marriage & parenthood, I couldn’t be more proud of the people we’ve become. Our 1st year of marriage flew by so fast, I’m hoping the next 70 are a lot more prolonged, I’m enjoying the ride," he wrote. 

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Priddy Ugly's Afrika is a heart beater

Bontle and Priddy Ugly's daughter Afrika Bonita Lerato Moloi has been attracting a lot of attention on her parent's social media accounts.

Their adorable bundle of joy had the internet in a frenzy when she rocked a very stylish gold chain and when she celebrated her first birthday and Bontle posted,

“It’s the highest honor to be a mother, to you Afrika. The greatest of all callings. A very very scary purpose to fulfill, being trusted with an entire soul to nurture and guide. I’ll be and do ANYTHING and everything you need me to be/do, for you little Afrika.”

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Despite all the drama that may be going on in his life, Priddy Ugly is one talented rapper whose works we love to see.

Happy birthday Priddy Ugly!

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