Prince Kaybee Exposes Cassper

When are they exchanging punches?

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Prince Kaybee and Cassper Nyovest went at it again last night and tweeps are still waiting for them to get in that boxing ring so they can sort whatever they have amicably.

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The DJ that broke the internet a few months ago Prince Kaybee seems to have taken jabs at Cassper's new business venture and the Siyathandana hit maker did not take it lying down.

Prince Kaybee took to Twitter to express what a lot of people assumed was major shade to Caspper's sneakers.

Kaybee said, "Another thing about celebrities is the disconnect to the fans, they can’t seem to put back value where they got it from. For instance you give away samples to celebrity friends and never to the people that bring the value, so now it creates a talking point but never an impact...Its basically like Sandton and Alexandra, you work the land of the rich but don’t benefit from it although its just across the street from you"

Kaybee's fans and non-fans seemed to be agreeing with him. These were some of their reactions.

"Also how they choose to reply to verified accounts and people in their industry only. At some point people get tired talking to themselves under their posts then they cry “people don’t engage”… only when they need to be voted for they engage"

"Exactly it's amazing how that gent is expecting us to buy his sneakers but has never even seen him giving them away to his actual fans like how is it so hard to give back support when it's been given so much to you"

"Grootman I want to be honest with you, I never really liked you. But dammit a fact is a fact, and you have just hammered a nail on a head...What was the point of giving someone who is going to wear it once or twice at home?"

"Why are people taking this to the heart because the statement is very much true and no one's name was tagged along. Well guess it's time fans get recognition for their support"

A number of people came to Cassper's defence but we all know Mufasa does not hide behind his fans.

He said, "Sa gago ke go bua marete ka nna (you like speaking smack). Sign the boxing contract, get the clout from me knocking your ass out or make a hit. The tweets ain't gon make you more famous or more money. My shoe is doing well, I have the biggest song in the country and I can't wait to knock you out o marete!!" 

Some of his fans said, "Cassper gave away over 30 Samsung phones to his fans....AKA was giving away Reebok sneakers to his friends you didn't say shit... you just jealous of Cassper Nyovest success qha wena you trying hard do discredit everything he do"

"But when aka give his celeb friends reebok sneakers you didn't say anything lol this music industry is full of hate and jealous Rolling on the floor" 

"Celebs are business people. Cassper is marketing his shoe using his influential friends cause that's what adds value, not handing out product to ordinary peeps. Now you want to manipulate his fans into thinking they deserve a free pair of sneakers onale jealousy okare mosadi bro"

Cassper came back and said, "The back and forths on Twitter are boring and it doesn't end. We all love a little action, Prince Kaybee has a problem with me and we need to solve it. He said he would fight me for free, he was offered money & now he don't wanna fight anymore. Let's get in the ring! Can't wait!!"

Some people thought that Cassper is this vocal because he is not scared of Kaybee while with AKA he was singing a different tune.

"I'm starting to think gore o tshaba AKA because u were not this vocal when it came to him...but with Prince Kaybee it's like u are trying to prove a point...fight start with AKA because your beef started way before Prince Kaybee"

Kaybee was not all the way quiet. He threw his own punches. He said to Cassper, "But Shotpan you offered a 350k contract, o buwas masepa, I make that anyway in a dry month. So if its for free lets meet NOW where you are but if you going to make profit out of it I want 2.5Million, I’m not scared of your fake wealth papa, put your money where your mouth is...I didn’t wanna expose that lousy 350k but you kept on pushing me"

While all of this was going on, Kaybee was racing online and seemed to be unbothered about the whole exchange.

It seems the heated exchange gave Kaybee some followers. Even the Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula congratulated him.

Cassper was saluted in his end as well and he threw a quick punch.

Cassper will be doing a tour of his shoe this weekend.
Are these two ever gonna get in the boxing ring though?

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