Prince Kaybee: Owning Masters Is Not Always Advantageous

He weighs in on Tshego's situation

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Yesterday rapper Tshego kept people guessing and speculating when he dropped some files about his music royalties and ownership of his masters. After everyone gave their two cents on "facts" that are unknown, DJ maestro Prince Kaybee joined in on the chat.

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Without name dropping, Prince Kaybee revealed that owning your masters is not really the best option if you do not know how to profit off of them. This is not the first time the rapper has lent his voice to educate people on the masters debate. DJ Maphorisa ousted certain artists who do not own their masters bragging about the fact that he and his artists own theirs fully.

Starting off his thread he declared peace as he does not want to step on anyone's toes. He also reiterated Maphorisa's claims saying he does not own his masters indeed, then proceeded to inform people why he thinks owning them is not always advantageous. "The issue of owning your Masters pop up on the TL almost every month and I haven’t really shared my 2 cents, I come in peace. Let me start of by saying I DO NOT OWN MY MASTERS," he declared.

Prince says owning masters only works for few people, adding that art is a collective thing that cannot be owned fully by one person.

"There is compromises in every business and gents sometimes want to have their cake and eat it by owning masters and keeping sales but it works for a selected few.

"From my experience, art is not meant to be kept by one individual, artist create for society to consume and it's wealth by design is meant to be shared, you can have majority interest as the creator but can't own it's full value at all times. Sometimes independence sounds nice cause of the hype but very few artists are ready to bear with the realities of being an indie," he concluded.

Mzansi was ready to fight Tshego's battles yesterday when he revealed that he owns his music masters but unfortunately does not profit from them. The first culprit that came to mind was Cassper Nyovest who is the founder of Family Tree. This is because Tshego and family tree were in cahoots but there was never a formal contract which binds them together, leaving many with questions.

"If I told you I haven’t seen a single cent (sales) from Hennessy, Garden, The Vibe, Tell Em Say, So High, Dem Ah Wind, etc... What would you say? Mind you, I OWN THE MASTERS ON ALL THESE SONGS!"

Tshego has taken his wrong-doers to court, implying that he has been silent for way too long, "Been fighting a very silent legal battle. And when I win this case on Monday the humble sh*t stops."

More is to come on Tshego's story.

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