Rami Chuene praises Thembsie Matu

The actress has nothing but wonderful things to say about her co-star

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Rami Chuene  | Top of The


Nothing warms our hearts more than seeing people receiving the credit due to them – while they’re still alive. That’s why we were happy after hearing Rami Chuene singing Thembsi Matu’s praises.

Thembsie, who stars alongside Rami on Mzansi Magic’s, The Queen, had an interview on Power FM recently. During the interview, they called Rami, who plays Gracious on the show, and she shared some wonderful things about Thembsie.

“One of the things I can tell you about Thembsie is that she’s such a professional and pleasure to work with,” Rami said.

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The actress also revealed that they have the best time on set, “I think they actually enjoy shooting the Mabuza's more than they enjoy shooting other people,” she joked.

Thembsie has been in the entertainment industry for 31 years. And with that, comes a lot of experience and wisdom. Rami added that Thembsie maintains a level, “The standard is very, very high. She brings such a genuine and authentic flavour to everything that she does," she said, adding that the actress takes her job seriously. Oh, and she makes jokes.

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