Celebs In Botswana Are Bringing In That Coin

Working extra hard for the life they want to live.

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From the lavish cars, to the latest fashion trends and the beautiful houses, some of these celebs are living a life that many of us envy. Botswana has transformed itself from one of the poorest countries in the world into a middle income country.
This is how these A-List celebrities are cashing in on their professions. 

Shona and Connie Ferguson

It is without question that this happily married couple are millionaires. Shona and Connie Ferguson are from Botswana, but are currently based in South Africa.

They now own a successful production company named Ferguson Films. The couple also produces the popular Igazi, played on Mzansi Magic. Ferguson Films also scouted and signed an agreement with Botswana’s Signed International. This is where a lucky winner is given a role in one of their all-star productions.
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Connie is the first woman in Southern Africa to launch her own celebrity fragrance named ‘True Self’. The couple also partnered with KDC Opticals to produce ‘Connie Eyewear’.

Odirile Vee Sento

He is one of the most successful Botswana artists. At only 34 years, the star is already a millionaire. Vee and his family are living a life of opulence.

Sento has worked with one of the famous producers in South Africa called Godfrey ‘Guffy’ Pilane on a unsuccessful project called Ntja mme
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Vee and his wife own several cars, namely; BMW X and a Range Rover Sport. There were also reports that he has in the past donated some of his cars to his church after being born again. He continues to cash in through campaigning courtesy of government and through various roadshows.

Zibanani Oneal Madumo

This brother is fine and we ain't complaining.

Zibanani Oneal Madumo
was a former Yarona FM and RB2 presenter. He has made it to the elite with his biggest break that came as a result of his stint on the reality show Big Brother Africa, which sold his personality to the rest of the continent.

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After his time on Big Brother, Zibanani, landed himself spot on Cliff Central with radio personality, Gareth Cliff, many endorsements followed suit. He is now the brand ambassador for Samsung and Aramis Black Fragrance. His collective worth amounts to over a million rand.

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