A Foundation To Be Launched In Riky Rick's Honour

The plan was to always uplift and empower the youth

By  | Mar 02, 2022, 11:37 AM  | Rikhado "Riky Rick" Makhado  | Top of The

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When he said 'Cotton Eaters do not die, they multiply' he knew exactly what he meant. Therefore his family will ensure that his memory and legacy lives on. During his emotional funeral on Tuesday, March 1, his family revealed that they would create a foundation in his honour and it will focus on young people.

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Riky always emphasised the importance of taking care for the youth and that is what many people remember him by. He did not just preach the importance, he also practiced it. A family member, Kumi Naidoo, revealed this during his funeral service and said when they last spoke, he pleaded with him and his mother-in-law to help him bring his vision to life.

"In our last conversation you said mom and I need to help you with your core vision, which is to support young people. You were so concerned about young people at risk but you also wanted young people to have the same chances that you had to break into music, arts and culture." he said.

"Mama and I and and the rest of the family will work with your fans to bring this vision to light and ensure there will be a foundation set up in your name to serve young people in Africa," he promised.

It was an emotional sendoff indeed and it was revealed that his body had been cremated.

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At the funeral, Bianca Naidoo, his wife of 9 years spoke about how he helped her break away from her shell and how their kids loved and cherished him dearly.

"When I think about nine years together, here are the things I am mostly grateful for. Our journey as parents started at the beginning of our relationship. He was an  amazing father to Jordan. They had the most incredible bond from day one. She brought softness to his life

"Our children told Riky and I the importance of family values. He loved teaching them new things, he wanted them to always be open to new experiences.. He always wanted them to stretch their thinking, expand their horizons . He took a keen interest in their hobbies and passions. He loved them deeply, he was their protector,” she said.

“As a partner he always encouraged me to come out of my shell and to allow myself to step into the light and conquer my shyness, he wanted me to shine. I was put in his life to love him, to care for him and to help him on a journey to fulfill part of his purpose. Ours was deep and pure love.”

His friend and business partner Sheldon Tatchell also spoke about his character and his warmth, saying he exuded that all the time. 

"Our relationship grew stronger with every visit everyone that knows Riky they know the kind of love he shares and whenever he does something he does it whole heartedly. The brother hood transcended into being business partners and I always knew that I could get the most valuable honest advice from him," he said fighting back his tears. 

"Because he believed in my dreams and business goals, I could talk to him about anything, even if it was sports and intimate family things we might go through.”

Then Sheldon revealed that he gave Riky Rick his very last haircut yesterday, “I was honoured yesterday to give him his last haircut. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do in my life. I miss hearing the sound of his voice saying 'It's too much Shel!' but that voice will ever be engraved in my mind as I move forward and continue his legacy. I love you Rikhado.”
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