SA's Sauciest Celeb Siblings

No sibling rivalries here!

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 The phrase “Keep it in the family” usually applies to family secrets, money, job opportunities and it’s no surprise to learn that it applies to fame as well. A number of Mzansi’s celebrities have found a way to elevate their siblings and forge a strong family name in Mzansi entertainment. 

Some of these famous siblings rose to prominence at the same time, others supported one another up until it was finally their moment to shine, but once the family name makes it, then it’s safe to say it’s only growth that follows. 

We’re used to hearing and talking about sibling rivalries, but these famous brothers and sisters can certainly go down as sibling success stories. 

The Mampofus 

When it comes to power siblings, the Mampofu kids are the ultimate models (figuratively and literally). It’s rare that three individuals could be as talented as they are good looking but Prince, Lunathi and Oros Mampofu definitely fit the bill. The trio has starred in Mzansi Magic and SABC productions and are only growing in the entertainment industry by the year.

The Modiselles 

The three most dynamic sisters in the entertainment industry; Candice, Bontle and Refilwe have dominated the big screen, the little screen, the music scene, the dance floor, and even radio in their time in entertainment. It feels like they’ve been around forever but it appears as if their dominance is only beginning!

The Khozas 

You might think they are twins because they are almost the same age, but SK is a year older than his fellow acting brother, Abdul. Despite this, the lads from Durban have risen to become some of the most recognisable characters on teleivison. SK’s exploits as Shaka Khoza (ironic) on The Queen are only matched in drama and entertainment value by Abdul’s escapades as Qhapela on Isibaya.

Khanyi and Lasizwe

Khanyi Mbau and Lasizwe Dambuza might not share a surname, but they are two of Mzansi’s hottest commodities right now. Although they rose to fame in different eras, they have each become iconic brands in their own rights; although we love it when Khanyi reminds her younger brother who is boss.

The Mbombos

For a moment we really thought Mr. and Mrs. Mbombo named their daughters Blue and Brown but their names certainly work for the dynamic duo. Along with being two of the most talented, hard working and beautiful celebrities on the entertainment scene, Blue and Brown are also two of the most humble and down-to-earth celebrities you will ever encounter.
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