After Being Trolled For His Weight, Samthing Soweto Makes A Comeback

His track is already a hit and proof is in the pudding

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After being trolled for his new weight, musician Samthing Soweto makes a banger comeback in the music scene. This comes after he release his much anticipated single titled 'Amagents' and his fans and followers are sent into a frenzy as they welcome him after a long minute since he released any music.

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Deeper than just any track he has released in the past, Samthing Soweto is tackling his new music with so much meaning and grace. His newest track that just dropped today, musician Samthing Soweto has dedicated this song titled 'Amagents' to his daughter as he embark on his newest music journey thus far. He has dubbed this newest project;

"A simple yet complex message from a Father to his DAUGHTER"

He has been very forthcoming with rebranding and changing a number of things in his life as well as his music. In the song he speaks about 'Amagents' which translated to boys or men. As he says he has dedicated this song to his daughter, while warning his daughter that all men are the same. He goes to say that;

"Men will woo you and tell you that that you are beautiful but the truth remain that all men are the same".
Samthing Soweto's fans and followers are sent into a frenzy on social media, as they have welcomed his newest track with warm and open arms. Taking to social media, they have echoed the message carried in the song that speaks about men being the same as his complex message from a father to his daughter. Samthing Soweto has been really praised for the message and the lyrical content he has conveyed in the track.

"He said men are trash and they will shock you, nothing but the truth" wrote Phumla Mzi
"Second listen and I'm hooked, it's a beautiful piece" wrote Moroke Pheko
Coolking SA wrote "There's something so special with Samthing Soweto's voice. I really can't put my fingers on it.  #AmagentsSamkelo is the greatest of all time"

Audrey Boitumelo Keupilwe wrote "The msg in the song, its valid n reality , only the Truth, I dedicate this song to my Daughter......thanx Samthing Soweto"

Karabo Shandu wrote "May God protect you and your amazing talent you have such a soothing voice and you are definitely a musical genius"

S'neliselo Dladla wrote "What a Hit this song deserves an award ...I'd be so happy if you do a remix coz this is a song of the year"

Samthing Soweto's time could not be any more perfect as his fans and followers have been patiently waiting for him to make a comeback to the music scene. And by the look of things, his new album will be a banger like the rest of his others in the past. He is a great vocalist and song writer and knows how to move his fans and followers through his music.

Although he have not announced any news about his album but fans are already excited for his comeback.

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