Samthing Soweto Says He Is Not Dying

The singer addresses those hurtful weight loss comments

By  | May 23, 2022, 01:49 PM  | Samthing Soweto  | Drama

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Samthing Soweto has addressed some of the hurtful and mean comments he got from people judging his weight loss. The singer, although he does not owe anybody an explanation saw it necessary to talk about what has been worrying people regarding his weight, putting all the rumours to rest.

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The singer took to his Instagram account to lay some of the rumours to rest and spoke about how the comments left him grateful more than hurt. Clarifying his weight loss, Samthing Soweto said he is going through some personal issues but he is not sick.  

"I just wanted to address what's happening, people talking about my weight and stuff. You know what, guys are not wrong, I am going through a lot. I just want to thank everyone who sent their prayers, loving messages, and support."

But he did say that the rumours that he is dying are false, but he has instead changed his lifestyle drastically. 

"I'm not dying, I'm OK. I'm not sick," he laughed. He then added that he made some changes in his life, "I've just changed my lifestyle. There are things I don't do and eat anymore. There are things I do every day, like physical activites. Those things make people change. So I have changed and that's why I look like this."

"I just wanted to say thank you though. There are things I will not talk about because they are very personal. Right now it feels like the concern and love, most of us as artists we need. We often feel like you guys forget about us. We need the love and we need the affection.

"Everyone who talks about me and the emails I received, DMs calls and everything Thanks guys, it makes me feel so good to know that you guys care."

Samthing Soweto then thanked the people who said nasty things as well as those who defended him from those trolls.

He received some positive messages from his fans and industry peers. Cassper Nyovest said, "Dawg, I love you. You're gonna be fine. You're amazing. Stay up"

Samthing had fans worried that he is going through something personal when he posted this worrisome video. "I just want to say, life is tough, let's try and take care of each other, as much as we can. It's not easy. Take care of your family, life is really tough, it's really tough," he said before ending the video with him introducing himself.

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Samthing has received some hurtful comments from people including Jub Jub who said he sings like a b*tch. In his interview with MacG, Jub Jub slammed all the people who refused to work with him on Ndikhokhele Remix. On the remix to his 2000s hit song, he included some musicians like Blaq Diamond, Nathi, Mlindo The Vocalist, Nathi, Judith Sephuma Lebo Sekgobela, and Tkinsky.

But in response to his hurtful comments, Soweto shared a video of him singing, and we do not know what Jub Jub was talking about because he sang beautifully. 

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