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It’s not what we expected

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Sandile Mahlangu is one of Mzansi’s promising talents on television. The star recently took to Twitter slam Emmanuel, a television show that aired on e.TV, for his height, or lack thereof. Mahlangu said that if it wasn’t for the show he’d probably be 6.2. “If I didn’t spend all that time as a kid watching “Emanuelle” and actually sleeping I’d probably be 6’2.” He tweeted.

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Exclusively chatting to us in 2020, Mahlangu said that acting has always been his number one love.

"When I was in Grade R, I played the lead in a stage production 'The Ugly Duckling'. I hated it because I saw "Being a lead" as a punishment; While I was constantly attending training and learning lines, other kids were having fun watching movies backstage."

"Fast forward to high school "Steelcrest High School" I was still doing theatre, participating in competitive monologues and anything stage related. Yes, I studied Electrical Engineering and I was relatively good at the practice, but I think I mainly studied it because of my environment (Middleburg, Mpumalanga being a mining town). Moving to Gauteng allowed Acting and the Arts to find me again," he said.

Sandile starred alongside Cindy Mahlangu on e.TV Scandal! and said that he enjoyed working alongside her – he revealed that she is very talented.

"She's a great actress, always well prepared and professional which makes it easy to "play" on set.

"We share the same surname and we're from the same province but Cindy and I are definitely not related, in fact, we met on set and in the short time that we've been working together, we've become buddies," he said in art.
He was also grateful to have worked alongside television stars he grew up watching. "I get to learn how these legendary Thespians are in real life. They're hardworking, humble and wholesome souls. Always ready to share their knowledge with those who are younger and passionate. They're amazing".

Like many television stars since the lockdown began, especially in 2020. He revealed that he hadn’t had a proper income since the beginning of 2020.

"Before Scandal, I hadn't had an acting job since my previous one, meaning I hadn’t had a proper income since February 2020. Emotionally: the stress of dealing with the uncertainty of life as we know it, and dealing with the financial strain and Physically: THE GYMS BEING CLOSED and not being able to find weights anywhere! It's been too much!"

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