Shauwn Mkhize's Photo Spark Controversy On Colourism

Tweeps have since criticized her for her looks

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Twitter is abuzz following Shauwn Mkhize’s photo that is making rounds on social media. Tweeps have since criticized her for being resistant to what they have called ‘beautiful’ with all the money and wealth she has.

When they say a picture can tell a thousand words, tweeps are thinking that this recent picture of what looks like Shauwn Mkhize is an epitome of that phrase. As they are certainly not jumping for joy with how she looks in the photo.

Taking to Twitter, tweeps have since named and shamed Shauwn Mkhize with her 'disappointing' looks, as they have eluded that she should be looking a little different with all the money she have. This picture has sparked a conversation that has gotten people’s attention and truth be told, it has received nothing but mixed reviews.

"Money is completely refusing to bath Mamkhize.. you’d swear she sell vagies" wrote Chris Excel
There is no telling if this picture of Shauwn Mkhize is current. However, tweeps have cut her down to size while inserting that she is resistant to being ‘beautified by money’. As they have gone to make comparisons to America’s Oprah Winfrey and said that Shauwn Mkhize doesn’t even look like she has all the money that she have. 

"You want her to bleach her skin like all your favorites?..mara lyena ah" wrote Karabo McCarthy
"Opera Winfrey didn’t bleach her skin but akalona iphara kanje" wrote Chris Excel
The conversation has taken a different direction as other tweeps have criticized  those who are laughing at Shauwn Mkhize’s photo. While some tweeps are more concerned about people’s ideas of being pretty only refers to people with more lighter complexion. The issue with colourism is an on-going pandemic on its own due to people frowning upon dark complexion people as not being pretty enough as compared to light complexion people.

"Bra, you're exposing yourself, that's what you think. As if dark skinned people are incapable of being unattractive. Stop treating it like a disability. Not every case is dark skin hate. Mamkhize is objectively 'homely' in appearance" wrote Dumisani
Shauwn Mkhize finds herself being dissected and scrutinized of the color of her skin as compared to being an outstanding, successful black woman who works just as hard and has earned her lavish lifestyle. Other tweeps have coined Shauwn Mkhize beautiful and rich regardless of the naysayers.

"In my humble opinion Mamkhize is beautiful just as she is. I don't need to see the wealthiest black woman in South Africa bleaching her skin" wrote Emely
"She's rich not filthy rich,yes she can be classified as an ultra high net worth individual but saying she's filthy rich is overeating" wrote Alexander Thee Great
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