Shauwn Mkhize Made Her First Million Rand At 21

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Shauwn Mkhize is in a celebratory mood! She has achieved a million followers in 11 months on Instagram. While she is busy celebrating that she took time to reminisce on her first one million rands.

She is mogul so one million is nothing to her now, remember when Andile asked for that amount for his music video and she gave it to him? Well while her getting her first million rands was a huge milestone back then the thing that caught our attention was the age at which she acquired the one million. She did it at 21 years of age!!

"Then she goes and put a Power suit .....2 of 6 ....cause this has brought back memories and reminds me when I made my first 1M in rands now not in followers the feeling was the same except that I didn’t want it to live my account mind you I was only 21years old 😂😂😂" she captioned her latest post.

We knew she was an ace at making money but wow, she had quite the head start!

The last time she made the headlines it was for her fallout with the South African Revenue Services, after news broke that they demand R204 Million from her company Zikhulise Cleaning Maintenance & Transport.

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Reports have stated that the Pretoria High Court has issued a liquidation order against her company and has apparently shut it down. The businesswoman had an interview with eNCA where she talks about the matter saying it is not a new thing, as she battles to understand why people are making it a big deal as it is not breaking news. 

Shrugging off the hysteria surrounding the liquidation order, Shawun said she and SARS have "reached an agreement" in September 2019.

"Two days ago my lawyers sent me a judgement from the liquidation, that matter happened in 2016. You know how our justice system works, so much has happened after that," she told the news broadcaster.

She added that SARS had applied for the liquidation in 2016 but the ruling had not been given.

"After that we went to the TAX court with SARS, the matter was appealed and we reached a settlement with SARS. Now everybody is getting excited about this like it is a new thing. In any case, I've instructed my lawyers to appeal [the judgement] so that it comes to an end and that it's finalised and we're good to go again," she giggled.

Clarifying a few misunderstandings, Shauwn said that she does indeed owe SARS but it is not the huge amount of R204 Million. She also said SARS also owes her money.

Shauwn was presented with the Woman of The Year Award at the Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards function in Beverly Hills on Sunday. Together with her musician son Andile Mpisane their reality show Kwa Mam'Mkhize was nominated for the best reality show at the same awards function.

Speaking on her reality show which has gained some international recognition, she is proud that it reached so many other people whilst the language of communication was isiZulu. She further stated that even though she is a reality star, being a businesswoman comes first and the reality show was a business move itself. 

Her name has been tainted countless times on the media so to regain her image a reality show was strategic move so people can get to see her first hand without the influence of the media. 

"I needed to change my identity, which was tainted, I needed to ensure that I clean my house, get my things in order so that I could be seen as a proper businesswoman."

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