Shout out to Uzalo for embracing gay marriage

Uzalo like many other shows is pushing the boundaries when it comes to its storyline.

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With a very talented cast, we're not surprised how well they've been doing as of late.

Firstly, congratulations to popular TV drama, Uzalo, for reaching their third season and having a viewership of over eight million. We can't say we're surprised though with such numbers and a great storyline, as a fan, how can you not be proud of them?

Like, did we all just love last night's episode or what? Can we just discuss?

Let's also give a huge shout out to the producers of the show for portraying a side of lobola that's not seen too often on television. Yes, they were a little dramatic in the way GC's lobola negotiations was handled but come one, you can't tell me you didn't enjoy seeing Mmamlambo representing our beloved GC in such a positive light.

Also, what was up with JoJo's uncles? I don't know about you but I think they were easy to persuade or was Mmamlambo just that good of a negotiator?

Whatever it was, it definitely worked out really well. It goes to show that women are probably better negotiators too. Well done Mmamlambo.

Congratulations to our beloved GC we definitely can't wait for the actual wedding. Just imagine the amount of drama GC will bring on the show when he gets married to JoJo? But we certainly don't mind, GC is such an entertainer.

Viewers also appreciated the representation of the LGBTI community in last night's episode as well.

Congratulations to GC and JoJo.


Main Image Credit: Facebook/Uzalo

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