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We've seen her play the new role of 'Zinhle' on SABC1's soapie Generations, ZAlebs takes a quick Q&A with Cindy Buthelezi to find out her experience as the new actress on Generations and her future plans.

What has being on Generations meant for you?

Wow...it’s been one of the most highlighting moment of my life, I never saw myself on Generations and being there is actually grooming me to become a better actress and im growing each and every day. I’ve learned a lot and believe its going to open a lot of opportunities for me, so it’s a stepping stone for me.

Can we expect 'Zinhle' to stay on Generation for a long period of time?

That's the plan..I really hope so but I am still currantly working for Generations as for how long I'm going to be on show we'll just have to wait and see.

What are the difficulties/challenges of playing a character that's battling with her weight?

So far having to play 'Zinhle' was challenging on its own, because of weight issues, but it has been very challenging but I had to get out of my comfort zone and know what character they wanted, i knew I had to do justice to this character as I know what 'Zinhle' goes through is something that hits home with many women.

The acting bug bit me when I was....?

When I was six years old, and I started acting at a community theatre at University of Johannesburg (U.J) I did drama and from there on I did a short film for M-Net's Mzansi Magic.  The short film was called "Baby Come Duze" and that gave me the platform and opportunity to have a role on Generations I must admit that was my biggest break ever.

Tell us more about your character on "Baby Come Duze"?

That was one of my most favourite characters I loved playing the role of "Sibongile", a women who is trying to come inbetween 'Nelson' and his girlfriend. In the story "Nelson" and I grew up together, so now that he's involved "Sibongile" all of a sudden developes feelings for her him which in reality is something that people experience on a daily, so it wasn’t that difficult for me to tap into that character.

What advice would you give aspiring actors who might feel weary of about their image placed under scrutiny by the public? 

It’s not easy to break into the industry especially if you're not the alpha male/female, but once you've made it stay humble, listen, read and make sure you always one step ahead. Relaxing too much maybe a hindrance always make sure you stay on your on top of your game because there's always someone wanting your position, so hard work is important and take care of yourself,stay healthy because in this industry there are times you simply cannot afford to be sick. Lastly and most importantly don’t let people's opinion of you ruin what you've been working so hard for.

Describe yourself using 5 words

I’m bubbly, outgoing, child of God, love clothes and fashion and I’m an entertainer!

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