Siphesihle Ndaba Shares Hilarious Moment With Traffic Cops

Gomora star had traffic cops thinking she stole her car

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They say if people treat an actor as if they are their characters then the actor must be really good at their job.

Since the telenovela debuted the actress Siphesihle Ndaba has won the hearts of South African television viewers with her enthralling performances as Mazet on Mzansi Magic’s newest hit series Gomora.

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Gomora star Mazet shared an experience she had with traffic officers who thought she was the character she played. 

Mazet is known for her stealing cars in the drama series and like many other actors who have shared their experiences with viewers, they thought she stole the car. Something her character is known for.

"Just got pulled over by traffic cops and it was honestly the funniest experience. I knew it was gonna go south when I rolled down the window and he said 'Hau Mazet," she tweeted.

She shared a series of questions they asked her and had her followers in stitches.

"Where did you get this car?", "Don't check the license bro, I do not want to get on Sonto's bad side," "Why isn't Mazet written on your license?" Who's car is this? Did you steal it?" "Switch the car off, then re-start it."

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