YoTV Star Sidwell Ngwenya Graduates

Congratulations are in order

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Congratulations are in order for Sidwell Ngwenya famously known as Psyfo on YoTV.
Psyfo announced on social media that he has obtained his MBA from the University of Pretoria.
He wrote on social media: “Patience, resilience, sacrifice and effort!!!! Today it given me so much joy to be rewarded with the work I put in. ThNk University of Pretoria, @gibsbusinessschool for the gear lessons and this achievement. I am an MBA graduate!!!“
In July Psyfo and his wife Amira revealed that they are pregnant a cute baby reveal, literally showing off their bun in the oven.

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Taking to Instagram, Amirah shared a video of her baking some hot cross buns. She took her followers through the process of baking them to when she finally takes the first bite. Only to take out her pregnancy scan!
Amirah apologised if the post triggered anybody, "So we decided to bake this recipe and I am happy to say I was lucky the first time around. 1. An appropriate, clean, soft surface. 2. Beat the dough a few times. 3. Then wait for it to rise… (I apologise if this post triggers any negative emotions & feelings to anyone)."
Another celebrity to graduate in recent months is Thabiso Molokomme, also a former Yo.tv presenter popular for playing Paxton Kgomo in SABC 1's educational drama Skeem Saam.
He has been causing a lot of trouble in Turf High, undermining the authority in the school and making a lot of learners disrespect the teachers and act out of character.
His parents, Mr and Mrs Kgomo are not aware of this as in their minds Paxton is a good boy only focused on his studies.
The 20-years-old graduated with a Diploma in Operations Management with 20 distinctions. This makes him one of the youngest and top-performing students at the university.
What Really Happened Between Psyfo And Hulisani
In an interview with Mac G back in 2018, Hulisani opened up a bit about her relationship with Psyfo and why they decided to end things.

She said their relationship was longer than 10-years and their decision to date was mutual. “It was a ‘I see you’ you see me.”
“Life happened,” she told Mac G. They didn’t break up because anyone cheated. 
The radio DJ doesn’t regret dating Psyfo despite what people on social media are saying.
“No, what’s the waste? Here’s the problem, when you set your benchmark and your goal as marriage, kids and a house – you are not in enjoying what it is in the right now,” she said.

“You’ll find that for so many of us, because the goal is not at a relationship level, just as rationing to one another as humans, it’s a ‘until I have a ring on it it’s not real.’ To me at the end of a day, a marriage is just a relationship that just has a certificate attached to it.

“People grow apart. It was literally one of those”
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