Psyfo Ngwenya Trying To Scam People?

His announcement shocked fans

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Former Generations star Sidwell Psyfo Ngwenya left fans talking after he posted a lengthy letter on Instagram claiming to give back millions to the less fortunate.

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The actor and TV presenter claims that he received an email from a woman who is offering him fortunes, but he has decided to give away everything.

The letter that he shared states that a 78-year-old woman who currently stays in London, is donating $4,600,000. 00 towards charity work in South Africa.

The woman who claims that she stayed in Mzansi for 20 years added that she and her late husband never had kids, therefore she has decided to give away all their riches to the less fortunate.

Fans are adamant that this is a scam, but the question is, how did Psyfo miss it? The actor's caption has also raised eyebrows.

He wrote, "Guys I have decided to give back. Over 25 years in this industry and it hit me now that I have not really given back to my community and this hurts. So please if you are interested email this lady. She has left a fortune for me but I have decided to give it to someone else instead. Anyone willing to claim on my behalf can have half of my fortune. I love you guys,"

A few months ago, Psyfo fell victim to a death hoax. Speaking out on his social media platforms, the actor said it was important for him to address the rumours.

"I thought I should ignore this but then again I thought there is something very deep and sad that needs to be highlighted about social media and it’s impact on depression and anxiety. This culture of wanting to be famous at the expense of someone else’s depression is not cool," he started off his thread.

Meanwhile, Psyfo shared a picture of his wife Aamirah Mirah earlier this week wishing her a happy Valentine's Day. The pair celebrated their 4th anniversary late last year.

Taking to Instagram then, he shared a video with a caption that reads: "Four years with this crazy one, and it’s been the most beautiful four years of my life. Navigated through some tough storms, we prob gonna have to navigate through even harder ones but one thing that comforts me is that I have the perfect partner to do this with. I love you mate."

Aamirah previously shared that their wedding day was the most beautiful day of her life. "Good people 🙃 This past Saturday (21/11/2020), was the most beautiful day of my life.

"I got married to my best friend on top of a mountain, in my home province and I don’t have all the words to express how happy and in love I am with this man who has been so committed and loyal to me. "I have many interesting and funny stories to share about our special day. Overall, I can’t believe we did it mate," she wrote on Instagram.

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