Fans Heartbroken By Sjava's Latest Announcement

They are demanding his return

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Sjava is undoubtedly one of Mzansi’s favourite musicians, which is why his latest announcement has left his fans heartbroken. 
The singer recently announced that he was taking a break from recording music, and we can tell, as he hasn’t released any new music in quite some time now. But he has also doubled down on his decision.

He recently took to Twitter to affirm that taking a break from recording music was the best decision he ever made. He didn’t give any more details as to why he chose to go on the break, nor has he explained why the break has been so good for him. 

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But his fans are not as excited about his break as he is, and he has been bombarded with comments of heartbroken fans asking him to reconsider his decision. 

Many have complained that they are not sure how they will survive without his music. They find his music particularly healing, especially when they are heartbroken, and are not sure how they will make it through coming heartbreaks without his sweet voice to remind them they are not alone and to reassure them. 

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Others have just refused, plain and simple. He has been asked why he thinks he has the right to just decide to stop doing music when his fans need him, and they are demanding that he gets back in the studio – respectfully. 
Another group of fans think the problem is that he is too settled now. He would make excellent heartbreak songs when he was going through a lot of drama and heartbreak, particularly with Lady Zamar and her rape allegations against him. Now, they are calling on other women to locate Sjava and break his heart, so he can be motivated to sing sad songs again, which is hilarious. 

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We hope the break is everything that he needs, though. We need him well and happy, more than we need new music from him, and if this is what it takes, then his fans will learn to live with just his old music for a while, until he is ready to return. 
The singer recently surprised his fans, on Valentine’s day, when he spoke about hating lingerie. Apparently, he was surprised with it, and he was not impressed. 

Aside from the comic aspect, fans were also shook, and wondered who had surprised him with lingerie. As far as anyone knows, he is single. Has he been carrying on a relationship on the down low?  
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