Is This The End Of Slikour On Life?

Slikour had a very vague message for Slikour On Life fans

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'Slikour On Life' fans are left bewildered after Slikour announced "Slikour On Life is dead." Many fans are left wondering if the Urban Hip-Hop website and show is coming to an end or is it really 'moving on to the next chapter' like the man himself has said.

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What left fans even more baffled is when Kwesta reiterated the same words as Slikour, which leaves many wondering if the show is indeed coming to an end.

One fan (@Pj_Maq) wrote: "Does anybody know what is happening with the @slikouron website?"

They responded by saying: "Yo fam, we're moving on to the next chapter. All good things come to an end! You can however #JoinTheNext"

They seem to have made that very clear!

Slikour On Life has allowed upcoming artists and established ones as well to interact and tell their stories to their fans. It allowed artists to tell their truth and their stories despite the fake news that circulates and tarnishes their brands. Most importantly it helped put internet artists on the map.

We certainly cannot wait to witness the next chapter of the website and for it to continue putting the underdogs on the map.

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