Slikour: Flabba had a beautiful heart

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Flabba's death has left South Africa very sad.

The rapper was reportedly stabbed to death by his girlfriend in Johannesburg's Alexandra township. News of his death quickly made the rounds on social media on Monday morning and fans as well as celebrities expressed their shock and sent condolences.

One of the saddest posts I read today was from Flabba's Skwatta Kamp band member, Slikour. The devastated rapper took to his website to write his most hearbreaking post yet. He referred to Flabba and his brother and friend. He wrote: "I know that Flabba was known as the bully but this dude had a big heart."

Slikour then took us back to when he first met the late artist and spoke about his skills as a musician. He wrote:  "Flabba's talent as a rapper was not just in the words but how he said the words. You could recite his lyrics and sound cheesy yet he would say them and sound tough or funny."

He said the rapper loved his family. He continued: "His love for Alex also couldn’t be questioned to a point that at shows Bozza, one of the members in Skwatta Kamp, was always instructed to change his Manyisa line from “me and hip hop eAlexandra ngokocolo” to “me and hip hop eAlexandra ngamaquarter."

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He said described Flabba as an authentic guy who wasn't trying to be seen as anything that defies who he really is. "He never cared about the limelight and wasn't involved in how people perceived him as a rapper."

Although the group had stopped making music together at the time of Flabba's death, Slikour said: "Skwatta Kamp made us brothers and we’d stay in touch for any significant event in our lives. In the last three weeks we were talking more often and I wonder what else I would have said if I knew this was God's way of telling me he's saying farewell to not only me but to all of us that heard him the last time on the Do Like I Do track, on Live Amp this past Friday. "

Slikour also added that when he was crying this morning, he thought life is not fair. "But clearly life knew where Flabba was going and it only gave him the best of all the things he loved before he left us."

May his soul rest in peace.

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