Socialites you might aspire to be like

We're not sure what some of them do, but they sure do live a glamorous life.

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Have you ever just come across a name or a picture of someone who seems to be really popular but you have no idea what they do?

So we see all these people that are trending on Twitter, making waves on Instagram and seem to be living a pretty comfortable life.

Have you ever just wondered what they do and why they’re the talk of the town?

Well these people are socialites. What is a socialite many might wonder, it sounds really glamorous and like a fun job to do, well it actually is. A socialite is a person who is well known in fashionable society and is fond of social activities and entertainment.    

These people are usually from privelaged backgrounds and have a wide reputation in the upper class society. Most if not all of them are labelling themselves as influencers these days but they all have on thing in common, their sense of style, beauty and of course their large social media following.

Vanessa Matsena


A great sense of fashion seems to be a requirement in this particular circle. Socialites need to always be on top of their fashion and keep up the lifestyle.

Tshepi vundla

A lot of them are the reasons our data gets chowed on Instagrams explore. Getting us all in our feelings with their banging bodies and lavish lifestyles. 

Fezokuhle Zulu


Sometimes you just can't help but admire them from a distance, looking from the outside in, it always seems like their life is a music video.

Tshegofatso Manche    


Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Fezokuhle

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