“It Starts With You” - Somizi To Zola 7

He also defended Khanyi and MamMkhize

By  | Mar 13, 2022, 10:25 AM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Top of The

Somizi Mhlongo
Somizi Mhlongo’s bathroom talks have evolved into a whole brand of their own. And the latest one was everything and more, as he had some special words for Zola 7
Actor Somizi occasionally has some really deep conversations as he does his skin care routine. He may have started recording videos in his bathroom because the lighting is great, but the gems of wisdom he drops during these brief sessions have become another reason why his fans love him. And they get to watch as he does his skincare routine, which is definitely a plus, because his skin stays popping. 

In the most recent one, he chose to address the three big trending topics of the week. First, he talked about the sex scene on The Wife on Showmax. 

Now, the scene has been trending for three days straight, and it seems like viewers are yet to wrap their heads around it. The star of the moment, Khanyi Mbau, has had some very weird questions come her way, and more than a few fans confessed to being disgusted by the scene for being “too explicit”. 
Somizi had some words for these people. She called them hypocrites, as they would watch such a scene by American actors any day and have no complaints, but as soon as SAns do it, suddenly everyone is moral and the scene, its actors and the whole show have to be demonized. 

He also touched on the hate that Shauwn Mkhize received after she responded to the call to help Zola 7. He said that people need to decide what they want. The call was made in public, which is why she responded publicly. But even so, he believes they would have found some reason to complain if she had gone to him in private.
Finally, he had some wisdom for Zola 7, the man of the week. He said that even though everyone has rallied together to help him, that is not the end of it. He has to be willing to help himself too. 

Just because he’s received help does not automatically mean he is going to get help. The foundation of him being helped out of the situation starts with him,” he said. He then continued to address Zola 7 directly. 

There’s a whole lot of things, people, habits, mentality, thoughts and whatever you need to get rid of for you to get back to where you were or where you belong.” 

What do you think? Is he right about all three? 

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