#LTDWS: Somizi Opened Up About His Depression

We admire Somgaga's honesty.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Top of The

The average Joe on the street could easily tell you that, it remains quite tricky and uncomfortable to speak about their depression. But, well known celebrities also have these fears, especially because they are at a disadvantage, given the fact that, their problems could possibly be spread all over the world - affording them little privacy.

However this isn't the case with SA's top choreographer, Somizi Mhlongo.

Part of starring in your own reality show, is to drive your own narrative and reality.
During last night's episode of Somizi hit reality show, Living The Dream With Somizi, many got to see a very personal revelation about the flamboyant media personality. 

Somizi gave an in depth break down regarding his long standing battle with depression - even going as far as describing the whole sombre experience as ''the voice of the devil.''

In previous interviews, Somizi Mhlongo has openly spoken up about the many challenges that he has endured in his lifetime, which include facing bankruptcy, almost losing his home and not getting enough work in the industry.

Another local star that opened up about their depression is comedian and television host, Nina Hastie.

The media personality once revealed that her previous traumatic experiences formed a big part of her depression. The Pretoria born star revealed that she was once sexually violated, which added to her already mounting depression scale.

The Trending SA co - host regularly talks about her journey to sobriety, hence she is also a recovering alcoholic.

Main Image Credit:Instagram/@somizi