Somizi Mhlongo Ordered By The Court To Pay Mohale Motaung

This comes after Mhlongo's withdrawal of the case against Motaung

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Following their dramatic and explosive divorce which landed them into the court rooms. Media personality Somizi Mhlongo have been ordered by the Johannesburg High Court to pay all of Mohale Motaung's legal fees.

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It has been one roller coaster ride for both Somizi Mhlongo and ex husband Mohale Motaung following their messy divorce. From the abuse allegations, social media trolling and torments, to finally the Johannesburg High Court making a decision following the withdrawal of a case by Mhlongo.

Mhlongo has finally withdrew the case he has laid against ex husband Mohale Motaung. Due to the new circumstances surrounding this case, the Johannesburg High Court has finally ruled against Mhlongo and subsequently ordered him to pay every last cent owed towards Mohale's fees and legal fees.

"Kindly take notes that the plaintiff withdraws the actions instituted against the defendant and tenders the defendant's taxed and/ or agreed party and party costs" read the court document

The celebrations on social media following Mohale Motaung's little victory is one for the books. As tweeps have flooded Motaung's comment section and timeline with congratulatory and praise messages.

People at the forefront of Motaung's victory and the undisputed and very vocal feminists, queer individuals and friends, fans and followers of Motaung. The love and support towards Motaung is truly a testament of the loyalty and allegiance his social media friends, fans and followers have for him.

"Convicted sexual offender, Somizi Mhlongo withdraws his case and is instructed to pay all Mohale's legal fees. A win for toxic feminists" wrote Nampree
"And Mohale faced so much humiliation from the entertainment space like from podcasters to even newspapers as well. I really hope he was paid what he was due because the amount of people that bullied him to save face for S*mizi meanwhile the whole lgbtq knows how abusive he is" wrote Hlonipha Ntswam
Tweeps are also reminded of how much torment and trolling Mhlongo displayed on both his reality TV show and Idols at Motaung's expense. The way in which Mhlongo handled everything after the abuse allegations came to light, was also another reason for Motaung's fan base to ride hard and rally behind him.

"Sanitizing his name throughout the whole season of his reality show did not work? I'm still annoyed at how we never got a straight answer when Lorcia asked if he did beat Mohale, he explained nothing and went on to talk about being back on Idols" wrote Moleen
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