Somhale Going Through Relationship Problems

Somizi shared a few words of wisdom

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Somizi Mhlongo addressed speculations about his marriage with Mohale failing on 947. He sat down with Anele Mdoda and The Club to share his thoughts about the rumours that are tainting he and his husband Mohale's image.  

In the interview clip which was shared on Twitter, people were touched by what Somizi had to say on marriage and failure. Even though the couple is madly in love with each other, there are various rumours of separation. However they are looking forward to expanding their marriage.

In the interview, Somizi mentions how he and Mohale are going through normal one-year relationship problems. What he said next touched the hearts of many.

He stated that even if his marriage failed, he would have succeeded in not staying in an unhappy place. Somizi knows who he is, and that is a fighter. His wise words took people by surprise and they took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the same. 

Recently, tweeps dragged Mohale for being ‘left behind’ as Somizi and Vusi Nova vacationed in Cape Town. Despite making it clear that Mohale was busy, the nasty comments did not stop.

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