Somizi Wants To Work With Gee Six Five

Obani Lababantu is even number 1 on iTunes!

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Somgaga had his eyes set on 65-year-old Gqom sensation, Gee Six Five and wanted to collaborate with her. Unfortunately this morning South Africa woke up to news that she has passed on. We hope he had already worked with her. 

The oldest Gqom musician currently has the chart topping song Obani Lababantu, which means 'who are these people?', and people are loving it.

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The vivacious entertainer Somizi Mhlongo was lounging around in his home when he put it out there that he wants to work with Gee Six Five. Singing along to the lyrics, he hilariously pointed out that the song might be the biggest thing right now.

Even though social media has been ridiculing the song and the elderly woman, making memes out of her, the grandma to 13 grandchildren's single has been climbing the digital download sites' ever since it's release on 19 November and she couldn't be more happier.

Speaking to Sowetan Live, she said she wants to teach people to never put a time frame on their dreams; "I started composing the song in July, writing and singing until the lyrics were in my head. The plan was to do ingwijikhwebu or something that will take the country by storm. The message in all this is that it is never too late to become what you want to be. Don’t be afraid to explore your own talents because of the naysayers. I just wanted to do what was never done before," she said.

The retired teacher explained to the publication that the song simply tells a story of gossipers and at often times people refer to having haters, but in turn, they themselves can also fall part of those 'haters.'

"People always say… abantu bayangihleba (people are gossiping about me), abantu bayangizonda (people hate me). We never include ourselves. The song offers a question and an answer. Through the song I’m asking a question, who are these people that we always refer to? …and the answer is me, you, her and all of us."

Gee Six Five's real name is Olpha Selepe and she is from KwaZulu-Natal. She definitely is an inspiration as she revealed to the publication that she has been trying to make it big for over 20 years. She first released a gospel song in the year 2000 but that did not work out.

All thanks to the powers vested on social media, where everything and anything goes viral, she is now an internet sensation. Relatability also plays a major role in the success of her song because it's almost the festive season and young people want to enjoy this time listening to music and dancing. Her song takes care of all of those needs.

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