Somizi's first time with a man was with a famous man?

In the lead up to the release of his book, juicy details of his life are finally coming out 

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Somizi's first time with a man was with a famous man?

As Johannesburg gets ready to head to Hyde Park for the launch of Somizi Mhlongo's much anticipated biography, details of the star's life are trickling into the public domain. 

Mhlongo had his first homosexual encounter on the day of his father's burial after he "ended up in the same bed with a well known musician and his girlfriend," reports Sowetan. 

"My heart throbbing and loins on fire, the scent of a man and the prickly hairy legs fired me up. We fondled. I was actually the one touching him and he touched me back, sending me into a tizz of ecstasy," shared Mhlongo. 

The rest will be revealed tonight as the book, titled Dominoes, is launched to a select audience in a private event. Dominoes promises to chronicle all the highs and lows of Mhlongo's life. 

Why 'Dominoes' you ask? Well, it firstly refers to the game played with pieces marked like gaming dice, requiring high levels of logic, but it's also in reference to a song by singer and actor Brian Temba who Mhlongo says inspired him to go on this journey.

Among all the motivation and inspiration, there will also be sex, drugs and other scandals as Mhlongo holds NOTHING back. Not even the time he was found guilty of sexual assault or the time he passed out in a make-shift brothel.

"It was an orgy. People were having sex, and taking drugs and champagne was flowing. I took a glass of champagne and passed out from exhaustion because I was tired from my trip to Port Elizabeth. When I woke up these guys were demanding me to pay R12000 bill, when I only took a glass of champagne. I asked what was the money for and they said it was for the artist and girls..." explains Mhlongo. And he ended up footing the bill. 

If this is just a taste of what we can expect, you will find us camping outside Exclusive Books at 7am. 

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